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Reduce Your Waste

This planet has limited natural resources, which we currently using at an unsustainable rate. If everyone lived and consumed as those in the UK do, we would need 2.8 Earths to sustain ourselves.

This consumption impacts nature, air quality, climate change, water, and many other parts of our natural world. As part of our Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy, we aim to move towards a Circular Economy - keeping resources in use for longer, and reducing what we waste.

Image shows the circular economy demonstrating recycling and reuse keeps resources in use longer - therefore using fewer resources and producing less waste.


Have you downloaded the Refill App? See where you can refill your water bottle, get a discount for using your reusable coffee cup, and where you can get package free food.

To reduce waste, we must first Rethink and Refuse - do you need that freebie which will end up in the bin, or that 2 for 1 deal? Do you really need a new outfit? Can you Reuse, Refurbish, Repair, Repurpose, or Borrow instead? This can significantly reduce your waste without making any significant life changes or expensive - in fact, it will probably save you lots of money! If you do need something new, why not buy something pre-loved?