Temporary use notices

Apply for a temporary use notice to offer certain gaming and gambling activities from a premises for a temporary period

A temporary use notice (TUN) authorises certain gaming and gambling activities to be conducted on a premises infrequently or for a temporary period. A TUN can apply for a maximum of 21 days in a 12-month period. If a person or premises wishes to offer gaming and gambling activities more often than this, they will need to apply for a premises licence for gambling.

A TUN will only be granted if the entity offering the gaming holds a valid operating licence from the Gambling Commission.

You can apply for a TUN for a building or a vessel (e.g. a ship) but not a vehicle.

Temporary use notice form (PDF, 385 KB)Temporary use notice form (vessel) (PDF, 387 KB)

Please send your completed TUN form to licensing.team@threerivers.gov.uk. You will also need to pay the relevant fee by calling customer services on 01923 776611 when you submit your notice.

You must lodge a TUN three months and one day before the gambling event is due to take place. You must also notify the Gambling Commission, the Hertfordshire Constabulary and HM Revenue & Customs within seven days of submitting the notice.

If no objections are received, you can proceed with the planned gambling event. You must display a copy of the notice on or at the premises for the duration of the event.