Christmas Trail

Find out more about our festive trail at Leavesden Country Park

This festive season, why not bring the family to Leavesden Country Park to join us for a truly magical experience as you take on the Christmas Challenge Trail!

When: 21 November 2023 - 1 January 2024
Leavesden Country Park

Knock on 10 Christmas door artworks spread across the North and South of the park by scanning the QR codes as you walk.

Completely free and designed for visitors of all ages to enjoy, the Christmas Challenge Trail is a unique way of celebrating the festive season outdoors. Wrap up warm and be transported into a winter fairy-tale as you meet the residents behind each door, with festive challenges for you to complete before you claim your prize! These include AR characters, selfie masks, puzzles, riddles, e-books and more.

How to play

The trail works by utilising contactless QR codes, without the need for players to download or sign up to anything. The trail consists of 10 story-points with embedded QR codes.

To take part simply:

  1. Test the Augmented Reality on your Device:
  2. Visit the 10 stops, in any order, using the map below
  3. By scanning their QR codes with your phone’s camera (or typing the URLs, printed under the QR codes, directly into your browser’s address bar) you’ll collect digital stamps
  4.  You’ll be presented with a fun challenge at each stop
  5. You can then see the AR character or selfie scene
  6. Once you’ve visited all of the stops you can take your prize badge selfie and download the free ebook

Important: You must use the SAME browser on the SAME device for character collection. You must have browser cookies enabled and not clear them during the trail.

How do I scan QR codes?

Most modern phones now automatically scan QR codes simply by opening your camera app and pointing at them. If your phone doesn’t have this capability you can download an app that reads QR codes instead.


If you have any trouble collecting stamps or viewing the AR characters, please refer to this webpage: