Biodiversity across Three Rivers District

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Biodiversity in Three Rivers

Biodiversity encompasses all life on earth from fungi and bacteria to plants and animals, it forms a complex web of interactions between species providing everything needed for life on earth to exist.  Although complex it is also delicate, a fine balance of species.  However, human activity and, in particular climate change are taking the natural world off –balance.

Three Rivers District is approximately 89 km2 (34 square miles), underlain by several types of geology which influence the habitats that can thrive in this area. The District is a complex mix of landscapes and habitats from rural to urban areas that include woodland, grassland, wetland and farmland, among others.  Approximately 6 km2 (2 square miles) of the District is within The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), comprising of a mosaic of grassland, woodland, arable land and its distinctive chalk streams.

The Council owns and manages over 240 hectares of woodland on sites from large local nature reserves to small pockets of woodland adjacent to residential areas. More information on how Trees are managed within the District (PDF).

Please read the Three Rivers Nature Recovery Strategy 2023-2028 (PDF).