Returning Officer

The Returning Officer is responsible for overseeing elections

The Returning Officer has the overall responsibility for the conduct of elections. The Returning Officer is an officer of the council appointed under the Representation of the People Act 1983. The Returning Officer is responsible for:

  • the nomination process for candidates and political parties
  • the provision and notification of polling stations
  • the appointment of Presiding Officers and polling clerks
  • the appropriate administration and security of polling stations
  • the preparation of all ballot papers
  • the count and declaration of results
  • the issue, receipt and counting of postal ballot papers
  • all candidates' election expenses returns
  • the presentation of the final account
  • the reclamation of funding from external bodies

At Three Rivers District Council, the Chief Executive has the following appointments:

  • District and parish council elections – Returning Officer
  • County council elections – Deputy Returning Officer
  • Parliamentary (general) elections – Acting Returning Officer
  • European elections – Local Returning Officer