Plastic film belongs in your REFUSE bin.


Examples: Film lids from microwavable meals and clingfilm

Please Remember: Left-over liquid or food residue can contaminate other recyclables so please empty your containers. It does not need to be spotless, a quick rinse will do.

Hints and Tips: Swap clingfilm for wax wraps and reusable tubs. Purchase a microwavable container, and fill it with home cooked food that you can microwave at work or on the go.

Plastic film is a soft plastic which cannot be recycled at home. 


  • Plastic rubbish in the British countryside kills thousands of land animals every year.
  • 8 million tonnes of the world’s plastics end up in our oceans each year, creating a garbage patch three times the size of France.
  • Plastics from items such as carrier bags and bottles that end up in our oceans kill around 1,000,000 sea creatures every year.