Light-bulbs and fluorescent tubes belong at your local RECYCLING CENTRE, or REFUSE bin.


Examples: Fluorescent lights, low energy lightbulbs, and old style incandescent or tungsten light bulbs.

Please Remember: Fluorescent lights must go to your Recycling Centre as they are hazardous - please do not put them in your bin at home. Some low energy lightbulbs can be recycled at your local supermarket, for example Tesco. Why not have a look next time you go shopping instead of putting them in your refuse bin. Old style incandescent or Tungsten light bulbs cannot be recycled, so please put them in your refuse bin. Please find more details on the WasteAware website.

Fact: In the UK, we dispose of around 80 million fluorescent tubes each year. If we were to recycle those tubes, we could reuse up to 4 tonnes of mercury – a natural resource.