Illegal Evictions

What is an illegal eviction?

An illegal eviction takes place if your landlord or a person acting on his or her behalf, makes you leave your home without following the correct legal process. The procedure that a landlord needs to follow will depend on the type tenancy agreement you have.

If a landlord illegally evicts a tenant it is a serious criminal offence.

Some examples of illegal eviction are:

Changing the locks while you are out

Stopping you from using parts of your home

Removing you from your home by force

Moving into part of your home.

What can I do if I am being harassed or threatened with illegal eviction?

If you think that you are being harassed or are threatened with illegal eviction, you should seek advice before you leave the property and:

  • keep an accurate record or diary detailing incidents that have happened, including dates and times
  • keep a record of the names and, where possible, addresses of anyone who has been involved, including witnesses or police officers
  • try and have someone present with you as a witness if you have to deal with your landlord
  • if you have been subjected to violence or threats of violence you should contact the police
  • report it to us to investigate

If you are evicted from a property you have a right to live in, we will initially speak to your landlord to try to get him or her to let you back in. 

How can I report harassment or an illegal eviction?

Contact our Housing Options Team or if in immediate danger please call 999.