Uncover a treasure trove of artefacts at Three Rivers Museum this summer

04th August 2022

Experience the extraordinary story of Rickmansworth and the surrounding area by immersing yourself in the diverse collections on show at Three Rivers Museum this summer.

That’s the invitation to individuals and families alike as the school summer holidays get into swing.

The museum offers a peak into the district’s past - from a digital archive of images charting its fascinating industrial history - to physical artefacts from some of the buildings and landmarks which have been long forgotten.

Watch a video here:  

Fabian Hiscock, the Chairman of Three Rivers Museum Trust, said: “This is a museum of local history, and everything we do is presenting to our visitors and the residents of the district - what it was like to live and work around here. So if you live in Three Rivers district, what we're doing here relates the background to your life. If you're a resident of Three Rivers, what you find here is your heritage.”

The museum offers an interactive experience with searchable digital collections, including images, audio and video recordings – visitors can select and search and explore a vast, and still growing, array.

Physical artefacts include items which date back centuries, or treasures from more recent times such as a 1940s kiosk from a butcher's shop in Chorleywood. Its purpose was to separate the handling of the cash from the handling of the meat.

Fabian added: “If you've moved here recently, then this is the heritage you're picking up. If you've been here all your life, it really is your own heritage. And we very much hope that people who have been here all that time will come and share with us their knowledge, their understanding, their memories, and tell us what it was like for them to have been living here, at school, at work, or just living here around here for years and years and years.”

Public opening hours are on the website, but during term time schools can bring parties or classes into the museum, where the education officer will work with teachers to shape a programme for the day according to what they want; and the museum can take other groups as well, at times as arranged.

For more information and to plan your visit to Three Rivers Museum visit: