Three Rivers residents are making a difference

19th November 2019

That’s the verdict of the difference residents made by clearing litter from the woodland and path that leads into St Paul’s School off Langleybury Lane. 

The clean-up day was organised by a resident, Claire Jones, to tackle the rising tide of litter, she said: “Around 200 children walk this path most days and it was saddening to see how much rubbish was around them, setting a bad example for them growing up. We cleared more than 12 bags of rubbish from the area, improving the surroundings that our children use to go to school. We hope to inspire other people to join in on further clean-ups.” 

Delighted by achievements of the community clean-up day and general public support for keeping Three Rivers clean, Chief Executive David Hill added: “ We are delighted our residents are proactive in keeping the district clean and tidy, it shows the character of the people who live here, their love of the outdoors and commitment to their communities. I am grateful to all the people that supported this litter pick.  

“Thanks to their support, we will continue to make Three Rivers a fantastic place to live in and visit.”  

Everyone who cares about their district can help keep their local areas clean by joining a cleaning team or organising one of their own. 30 million tonnes of litter is dropped each year, together we can help reduce the litter and fly tipping problem.  

The council helped by loaning out the litter pickers, gloves and bags. To book bulky waste or litter equipment, please contact enquiries on 01923 776611.