Three Rivers Flies the Flag for the Commonwealth

12th March 2018

Three Rivers Chairman, Diane Barber, Leader Sara Bedford and Dr Steven Halls, Chief Executive, raised the Commonwealth flag at Three Rivers House today. 

The event took place at 10am this morning at the council offices, marking Commonwealth Day. 

Cllr Diane Barber said: “Local and national flag raising ceremonies are taking place across the world today. They are bringing us together, raising awareness of all that we achieve through Commonwealth friendship and cooperation.” 

By working together within our local communities, and by interacting globally, we maintain and build a richer connected Commonwealth that is mutually respectful, peaceful, and prosperous. A community that cherishes equality of opportunity and inclusiveness. 

Steven Halls added: “Today’s event is a great opportunity for communities to celebrate the shared goals of democracy and to cherish diversity on behalf of our vibrant community in Three Rivers. 

“We send our best wishes around the world to all involved in this celebration.”