Three Rivers District Council Prosecute Parent for unsafe parking at School

17th December 2018

Three Rivers District Council successfully prosecuted a parent for a breach of the Schools Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) on Wednesday 12 December. The parent had breached the Order by dropping off her child in child in a banned zone – causing danger to other children and other drivers. 

The parent had breached the Order on two occasions – and had failed to pay their Fixed Penalty Notices. The Court fined the parent £330 for the two breaches. 

On sentencing, the Chairman of the magistrates said: “This Order is in place to ensure the safety of children, and you saving five minutes by breaching it isn’t going to help anyone if there is a serious injury or accident.” 

Leader of the Council Sara Bedford said: “Our Shepherd School PSPO is an important pilot to assess the effectiveness of using our powers under the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Disorder Act to safeguarding children from the selfish behaviours of parents who drive in a dangerous manner.” 

Roger Seabourne, Lead Member for Community Safety and Partnerships, said: “We are determined to find a way of making the Shepherd school run safely for all children attending Shepherd Primary School. Parents that breach the Order will receive FPNs, and those that fail to pay them will be prosecuted.” 

Claire Foad, Head Teacher of Shepherd Primary School, added: “We are grateful for the support of Three Rivers District Council in addressing the dangerous driving and parking that puts the lives and safety of so many children at risk.”