Three Rivers continues to tackle hate

09th April 2019

Three Rivers District Council stands with the rest of the world in the face of the recent horrific terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Terrorism is a scourge to humanity, and the worrying increase in attacks, across the World, including the UK act as a reminder for us all to double our efforts to challenge hate in all its forms and stand up to bigotry. 

Terror attacks, wherever they occur in the world, have a devastating effect on everyone, in particular, our children and young people who are trying to make sense of the world in which we live. The Council provides training to local agencies to increase their understanding of the signs of vulnerability to becoming involved in terrorism. 

For further details and to report any terrorist and extremist material, please visit 

The Community Safety Partnership is aware that such incidents can impact on hate crime and incidents. Three Rivers continue to raise awareness of hate crime and encourage residents to report all hate crimes. No one should ever have to suffer hate crime, to learn more visit: 

You can report Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents: 

  • Directly to the Police, call 999 or call 101 (Hertfordshire Constabulary's non-emergency number)
  • Report Hate Crimes/Incidents directly to:

o    Three Rivers District Council, 01923 776611.

o    Otley Way Family Centre, 0208 428 5434

o    Watford Mencap, Rickmansworth, 01923 713 620

o    CAS, 0344 245 1296

  • Online – through the national website for Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents True Vision at 

All victims of hate crimes and hate incidents are treated professionally and sensitively. It is vital that we receive reports of hate crimes and incidents as they not only affect the individual victim but also impact on entire communities.