Tenant conference success

PR 73822nd November 2006

Tenant conference success

More than 100 Three Rivers tenants and leaseholders attended a conference on 18 November to look at the best way to improve the District Council's homes. To meet demand from tenants the conference was held twice, in South Oxhey in the morning and in Rickmansworth in the afternoon.

The Council's Deputy Leader, Councillor Matthew Bedford, opened the conference and presentations from Council officers outlined the improvements that could be offered by Thrive Homes and how this compared with the Council.

Councillor Matthew Bedford said:

"The conference was a great success and we were interested to hear what tenants and leaseholders had to say. We were able to highlight the cuts the Council would be forced to make and show how Thrive Homes would be able to offer tenants much more.

"The Council faces a housing cash crisis because government rules mean that nearly £6 million is taken each year by the government to subsidise other areas. If this money was kept in Three Rivers then we could modernise our homes, invest in housing estates and give tenants the services they rightly expect. The £6 million annual payment to the government would not apply to Thrive Homes so it would have a lot more money.

"I hope all those that attended found it informative and we will be organising many more opportunities for tenants to get involved."

Joan King, who is a tenant from South Oxhey and also Chair of the Tenants Steering Group said:

"I am pleased that the future of homes is in our hands and any transfer to Thrive Homes cannot go ahead without a tenant ballot."