Successful summer programme runs for vulnerable families in Three Rivers

15th September 2020

“The highlight of our summer holidays” was how one family put it. Family Play Rangers, a programme delivered for the District Council’s Community Safety Partnership by the Three Rivers Leisure Service, ran for five weeks this summer after a need to support families most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic over the summer holidays was identified by local partners.

Referrals were made by partner organisations working with families identified as most vulnerable. A total of 62 families attended the programme.

Councillor Chris Lloyd, Lead member for Leisure, said;

“Family Play Rangers targeted families who have suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and were most in need. I’m pleased with its success and the vital role it played in supporting these families at such a difficult time.”

Delivered as part of a multi-agency approach working with Schools, Mind, Citizens Advice Bureau, Schools, Intensive Family Support Teams and others, families were referred to the programme by a professional who felt they needed support during the school summer holidays.

The creative delivery by Play Rangers provided much needed social interaction and physical activity to improve life skills, increase self-esteem and reduce stress as well as improving family relations and the family’s health and wellbeing

Families were also given financial guidance and support and advice from partner agencies present on the day and a food parcel to take home supplied by the Three Rivers Food Hub.

Some of the other comments and feedback included "Good" "The Best" "I loved the water fight" “Thank you. Has been something to look forward to. Kids had lots of fun” “The play rangers team are so fabulous at getting everyone involved it has been so lovely to just have that time as a family” “To have some good quality family time, as lockdown has really taken its toll on our family” “My son has ADHD so this has really helped him.”