Students welcome civic leaders to ‘broaden horizons’ and increase awareness of public service

20th January 2022


History and politics students at Rickmansworth School benefitted from the experience of local civic figures during a visit this week.

webp-net-resizeimage-192.jpgThe Chair and Vice-Chair of Three Rivers District Council, Cllr Keith Martin and Cllr Debbie Morris, and the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, Lionel Wallace, paid a visit to the school and talked to sixth form students about their individual public service roles in the district and county.

Matt Fletcher, head teacher at the school, said: “It was great to welcome the three civic leaders to Rickmansworth School; the students really valued their time and Lionel’s inspirational presentation. He helped students further broaden their horizons by giving them an even greater awareness of public service roles across Hertfordshire; in particular, hearing about the High Sheriff's key priorities this year, including a deeper understanding of magistracy in UK society.”

The visit supported the school's mission to develop “well-rounded, successful individuals” who make a positive contribution to Rickmansworth School life and beyond. 

Mr Fletcher added: “The school already enjoys a fantastic relationship with Three Rivers District Council and looks forward to working more closely with the council over the coming years.”

Cllr Martin welcomed the opportunity to meet and talk to local students. He said: “The future of Three Rivers relies on young people being engaged and interested in local civic life today. This was an important opportunity for us to listen to the voices of young people."

Mr Wallace said: “I was delighted with the opportunity to share some personal experiences with these great young leaders. They showed a genuine interest in learning more about volunteering and serving their community in and outside of school. Fabulous!”