South Oxhey meeting will tackle rumours

Kevin Snow21st June 2011

A public meeting on Thursday 30 June will enable residents to find out the latest information on plans to modernise South Oxhey and the surrounding area. Rumours surrounding proposals to update facilities have been circulating after the Council announced modernisation plans in April. We are working with residents and community leaders throughout this year to consult on how best to update facilities in the area.

The first phase of modernising facilities in Clitheroe Gardens has been completed. The project was started before the South Oxhey Initiative was launched has been undertaken in consultation with residents.

We are working with residents and community leaders throughout this year to consult on how best to update facilities in the area.

Speaking after a meeting with community leaders last week, Council Leader Ann Shaw, said:

"We had over 600 responses to our first consultation and open day which is very encouraging. People are, of course, speculating about what may or may not happen in the future and some interesting ideas are being discussed.

"However, some of the rumours have no basis in fact and nothing has been decided. We will be providing an update at the next Area Forum to give people reliable information and talk about how we are going to respond to what people have told us. It's very important that these meetings are supported by the people who will be affected."

The Area Forum meeting will provide updates on the precinct, anti-social behaviour, roads and pavement maintenance, public transport, litter and dog fouling, schools and leisure activities.

Ann Shaw added:

"We are taking the consultation slowly and carefully because any changes are expected to last 60 years or more and must be carefully thought about with the whole community including young people and children. But we also plan to make some smaller improvements very quickly and there will be an update on this at the meeting."

We are currently visiting youth groups and primary schools to listen to what they think about what is needed. Local groups of all ages can contact us to arrange a visiting speaker.

The Local Area Forum will be attended by Councillors from all main political parties and will take place on Thursday 30 June at Oxhey Wood Primary School at 7:30pm. Light refreshments will be provided. Free parking will be available. We can help with transport for elderly or disabled residents. The Forum is not expected to be affected by national strikes on that day but you are advised to check this website to confirm the venue on the day.