Skate parks closed - Stay Home, Save Lives

26th March 2020

Three Rivers District Council has closed all Skate Parks across the district in line with Government advice on closing outdoor recreation areas due to the coronavirus pandemic, including the popular Croxley Skate Park.

Notices have been put up to make communities aware of the facility closures, along with reminders of social distancing.

Cllr Chris Lloyd, Lead member for Leisure, said: “Considering the current risk to public health, and the large groups of young people who were still using the Skate Parks despite warnings around physical distancing. Closing Skate Parks will help to limit the spread of coronavirus. We are working closely with the local police to ensure that any individuals who still try to use the facility are dispersed. Exercise is important for mental health please do it safely and make sure that you keep more than two metres apart”

Currently, Three Rivers parks and open spaces are still open, but I would encourage everyone to be responsible and stay at least two metres apart and in groups of no more than two people from the same household, whilst they are using them for exercise, as per Government guidance.”

We continue working for the well-being of families, friends, and everyone in our community.