Say how you feel about taking part in research for the NHS

30th January 2023


Have you ever taken part in NHS research – sometimes known as clinical research? Or perhaps you thought about it, but decided against it? To support improving research, Healthwatch Hertfordshire wants to find out why you may or may not choose to take part.

What is NHS research?

The NHS uses clinical research to find out more about an illness, condition, treatment, therapy or care by directly involving people:

  • It often happens in a hospital or GP setting, but also occurs in other places, such as in the community or people’s homes
  • It may ask people to take a new treatment, use a device or be cared for in a certain way, or it may ask people to provide information about the care they usually receive
  • It may be a clinical trial to test a treatment or care package, or it may be research to find out more about a condition, therapy, experience or setting.

Your opportunity to get involved:

Healthwatch Hertfordshire want to know what your thoughts and experiences are of NHS research – have you, or would you participate if you had the opportunity?

Healthwatch Hertfordshire want to hear your views and would like to hear from anyone living in Hertfordshire. You do not need to use the NHS, or have taken part in research before, to contribute.

If you’re interested in taking part in an online focus group or one-to-one interview, please get in touch using the contact details below:

Calling 01707 275978


Please register your interest by 10 March 2023.