Satisfaction with Council increases in key areas

24th April 2007

Satisfaction with key areas of the Council's performance has increased and most residents are satisfied with services overall. That's the evidence from draft MORI research findings into the opinions of Three Rivers residents.

Three Rivers Chief Executive, Steven Halls, said:

"MORI's draft results follow our recent Charter Mark award for excellent customer service. The survey results are encouraging, particularly in key areas like refuse, recycling and community safety.

"The findings will act as a springboard for further improvement and innovation in customer service. Councils work right at the heart of the community delivering services day in, day out. We very much want to hear from residents about how they feel we can improve further."

Draft findings on satisfaction with key Council services include:

  • 86% of residents are satisfied with refuse collection (compared to 77% three years ago).
  • 84% are satisfied with household recycling collection (compared to 74% three years ago).
  • 82% are satisfied with parks and open spaces (compared to 70% three years ago).
  • 74% of residents are satisfied with the way the Council keeps land clear of litter and refuse (compared to 62% three years ago).

Key draft findings on satisfaction with the area include:

  • Drunkenness and rowdiness in public is now seen as a big problem by 27% of residents, compared to 41% three years ago.
  • Only 10% of residents see abandoned and burnt out cars as a big problem, compared to 46% three years ago.
  • Concern about vandalism, graffiti and deliberate damage as a big problem has dropped by a third from 61% to 42% of residents.
  • 76% of residents are satisfied with the district as a place to live.

MORI researchers have also concluded in their draft findings that overall satisfaction with the District Council has remained constant since the last study three years ago. 61% of residents say that they are satisfied with the Council's overall performance in providing them with services.

Ashley Ames, Research Director at Ipsos MORI, said:

"This consistency in satisfaction with the Council's overall performance bucks the trend of a slight decline across the country. Three Rivers is more likely to be seen as providing good value for money, well run and less impersonal."

The research was undertaken in autumn 2006 and involved asking 3,700 residents their views using a postal survey, with 1,275 responding.

Final full results will be published on the website in the summer. Residents will also be able to order a copy from the Council on 01923 776611