Stay safe and follow the rules of our parks and open spaces

NewsUpdated: 18 August 2023Leisure, parks and culture

Residents and other users of parks and open spaces across Three Rivers are being reminded to observe the rules and byelaws this summer.

Three Rivers District Council’s byelaws include preventing the use of hang gliders, paramotors and similar machines.

Cllr Chris Lloyd, the council’s Lead Member for Leisure, said: "We want people to go out and enjoy our parks and open spaces this summer, use our wonderful facilities and have a great time. And for everyone to be safe you must follow our byelaws – so I encourage you to take a look at our rules and observe them. It is important, for example, to note that paramotors should not be taking off or landing in our parks and green spaces. I enjoy walking in our parks and doing parkrun on a Saturday and volunteering at junior parkun on a Sunday.”

The byelaws of the council’s parks and open spaces include:

· No paramotors or hang gliders

· No barbecues

· No camping, unless in a designated area

· Do not disturb the wildlife.

Anyone wanting to run activities on the council’s parks or open spaces under their own insurance will need permission. Find out more here: Hire a park or open space

For more information, visit: Byelaws for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces.

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