Have your say: Polling districts and polling stations review

NewsUpdated: 3 October 2023Elections and democracy

The views of residents across the district are being sought as part of a review of polling stations in Three Rivers.

Three Rivers District Council is consulting on the locations and suitability of the places in which residents cast their votes in local and national elections.

The review is designed to see if the polling districts and polling places in Three Rivers suit the needs of voters. The council is looking for feedback to ensure the buildings it uses are accessible to all.

Polling stations are rooms or areas within a polling place where voting is carried out and they should be within easy reach of all electors from across the polling district. A polling place is the building or area in which polling stations will be selected by the official in each constituency who conducts an election (the Acting Returning Officer). A polling district is an area created by the subdivision of a UK Parliamentary constituency. All wards within Three Rivers are divided into polling districts, which form the basis upon which the register of electors is produced.

Residents and community groups are being asked for their feedback on what they think of the current arrangements and any suggestions for alternatives.

The consultation starts on Monday 2 October and runs until 10 November.

Find out more and take part in the survey here.