Poem thanks Three Rivers staff

23rd April 2020

Support from local residents has been helping keep Three Rivers council staff buoyed up during the weeks of the coronavirus lockdown.

The many heart-warming messages, sent by residents and businesses via social media, telephone calls, emails and letters, have thanked staff for being helpful, listening and responding to their specific needs and concerns.

Recently, staff were thanked via the below poem written for them: 

To Everyone Working for TRDC

Thank you for being there.

Thank you for carrying on.

Thank you for learning new ways.

Thank you for paying the business grant.

Thanks for just getting it done.

We’re impressed.

We’ll be back in touch with invites to the party!

Take care, keep calm and carry on.

Joanne Wagstaffe, Chief Executive, said: “It is heartening to receive such overwhelming support from our residents. No one’s working day or personal life has been untouched. Staff have worked and adapted to facing these complex and challenging times. They have created new ways of working. I have seen at first hand and heard about the fantastic service and work that continues to be delivered.”

Cllr Sara Bedford, Leader of the Council, added: “I am delighted with the positive way that the local community has pulled together over the past few weeks. Staff are responding to residents and businesses across the district and continue to deliver services. Residents are showing their understanding and appreciation.

“The Council has invested in developing a modern telecommunications system and flexible working policy which has allowed us to keep working without a break while many staff are working from home. All of us sympathise with the feelings of fear and frustration felt by everyone. Our staff are delighted by the efforts of residents and businesses to praise staff and boost morale."

Services can be accessed via the online portal and you can get support from our website or call 01923 776611.