A first for Three Rivers as rainbow crossing installed to celebrate diversity

22nd November 2021


An eye-catching rainbow crossing has been unveiled in Leavesden Country Park to celebrate diversity and send the message that Three Rivers district is inclusive. 

The colourful pedestrian crossing is located on the road leading to the Woodland Café and replaces an older, faded zebra crossing.

The crossing incorporates the traditional rainbow Pride flag to represent the LGBT+ community, with a chevron of black and white stripes to represent people of colour, and blue, pink and white for transgender people. The white also symbolises those who have been lost to HIV/AIDS.

photo-1.jpgThe chevron directs people towards the park, but also symbolises ‘moving forward’, according to the flag’s artist, Daniel Quasar.

It is thought that the crossing is the first such rainbow and Pride crossing in Hertfordshire.

Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst, the council’s Lead Member for Transport & Economic Development and Chair of the Council’s Equality Sub Committee, pushed for the crossing's installation as a way to increase awareness and make it clear that the district is a place of tolerance and respect for people of diverse backgrounds.  

He said: “We want to show wider support for our diverse community in Three Rivers and make it clear that everyone is respected for who they are.

“This crossing celebrates diversity and inclusivity in a fun and colourful way that also serves a practical purpose as a road crossing.”

Three Rivers follows in the footsteps of many other towns and cities around the UK that have installed similar crossings to stand in solidarity with those facing discrimination.

Rather than the design being painted, it instead uses a material called thermoplastic. Heat is applied to a graphic to stick it to the asphalt floor. Unlike paint which may fade, thermoplastic material does not. It is made of a mixture of granulated plastic and glass beads, and is non-toxic and non-slip. 

The installation cost £1,800. 

Council spokesperson

Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst - Lead Member for Transport & Economic Development

Group spokespeople

Cllr Alex Hayward – Leader of the Conservative Group

Cllr Stephen Cox – Leader of the Labour Group

Cllr Alex Michaels – Independent Councillors Group Joint Leader