New Leader for Three Rivers

20th July 2020

Councillor Sarah Nelmes has been appointed Council Leader for Three Rivers District Council. Sarah takes over from her colleague Sara Bedford, who Sarah says, will be a hard act to follow. Councillor Nelmes will be looking to lead in an open and inclusive manner, learnt through many years experience in Financial Services and in Social Housing.

Councillor Sarah Nelmes has been a councillor for over 15 years and represents the Penn and Mill End ward. She is currently Chair of the Planning Committee, and chaired the majority Liberal Democrat group.

Sarah is looking to working with other councillors, staff and Three Rivers residents to ensure Three Rivers stays a great place for people to live and work.

sarah-nelmes-leader-of-the-council.jpgSpeaking enthusiastically, Sarah says:

“I am looking forward immensely to working closely with fellow councillors and staff, to continue the tremendous work they have been doing across all communities.

“This has been so clear to me, particularly during the current crisis of Covid 19. The team have continued to keep all our services running, as well as setting up and running our very successful Food Hub, providing provisions and services for vulnerable people and £11.5m in business grants. The contribution by staff to the well-being of our residents has been outstanding.

I plan to encourage this way of working as the best way forward for local councils.”

Councillor Sarah Nelmes is joined by Councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst as Deputy Council Leader, who takes over from Councillor Chris Lloyd. He has been a Three Rivers Councillor since 2000, representing the Leavesden ward, and remains the Lead member for Transport and Economic Development. Together they will provide a skilled and forceful team.