New dog control laws protect public spaces

Updated: 28 June 2016

A Public Spaces Protection Order with restrictions for dogs is now in effect throughout the district and residents are being reminded of the new rules this summer, as people enjoy parks and open spaces in the area. The new order replaces a number of out of date by-laws and created a more consistent approach when dealing with issues...

A Public Spaces Protection Order with restrictions for dogs is now in effect throughout the district and residents are being reminded of the new rules this summer, as people enjoy parks and open spaces in the area. The new order replaces a number of out of date by-laws and created a more consistent approach when dealing with issues such as dog fouling and excluding dogs from children's play areas. The introduction of this Order makes it easier for Three Rivers District Council to deal quickly and efficiently with the small minority of dog owners who behave irresponsibly, while at the same time encouraging a culture of responsible dog ownership.

Geof Muggeridge, Three Rivers' director of community and environmental services, said: "The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and caring and will welcome this step. Only a small minority do not always behave responsibly. Feedback from residents has consistently raised the issue of dog fouling and nuisance behaviour from a small number of dogs that are not under proper control. PSPOs take a common sense approach to make sure that adults and children can use and enjoy public spaces without experiencing such anti-social behaviour."

The power to create PSPOs was brought in under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. In a PSPO a council can, after public consultation,  specify an area where activities have been taking place which  have had a   detrimental effect on  the local community's quality of life. A council may  impose conditions or restrictions on people using that area. PSPOs can be a modern and effective way of enforcement when required and provide a practical method of dealing with an issue of constant concern for residents. Three Rivers’ new PSPO will bring a number of benefits, including the creation of a cleaner environment, reduction of health problems associated with dog faeces and the promotion of responsible dog ownership.

To report an incident or make a complaint contact the Customer Services Centre on 01923 776611 or e-mail

In detail, the restrictions are:

A requirement to pick up faeces after dog fouling (district wide), dog exclusion from children's play areas, sports courts and skate parks, dog exclusion also from fields at Chorleywood House grounds used for grazing (annually 1 June - 30 Sept inclusive), dogs to be put on lead if directed to do so by an authorised officer (district wide), dog to be kept on lead in one area only (area directly surrounding the café in the Aquadrome) and restricting the number of dogs walked by one person to a maximum of four (district wide).