Model yachters benefit from new pathway

Tim Ashby18th August 2014

Come rain or sun, winter or summer, if you go down to Bury Lake on a Friday or Sunday throughout the year, you will see a group of people staring intently at the lake and occasionally shouting ‘Water!’, or ‘Starboard!’ or even ‘You can’t do that!’ They are members of the Three Rivers Radio Yachting Club, who are keeping their minds and bodies healthy by having an active hobby. Up until now, however, it was becoming increasingly difficult for some members to negotiate the slippery mud section of the bank on the way to launch jetty, and especially so when carrying a yachts and equipment to the lakeside.

DSCF0940 op.JPGThe members are now, however, delighted that Three Rivers District Council has constructed a formal path across the muddy section. As commodore, Oliver Bangham, says: "The new footpaths make life a lot easier for all of our members as well as the public, especially in winter and will encourage new members as it is now so much easier to get to the lakeside. Indeed, in the last few weeks we have had interest from two potential members who have had knee operations and could not have contemplated crossing a mud patch when using sticks. We are most grateful to Three Rivers District Council for this wonderful improvement to our sailing area at the Aquadrome."

Three Rivers District Councillor Keith Williams, Lead Member for Leisure, Community and Wellbeing, says: “The Aquadrome is a very popular site which has just been re-awarded its Green Flag Award for yet another year.  The Council is very pleased with all of the footpath improvements that have recently been completed but it is especially pleasing when you can see the direct benefit the enhancements have for visitors and the local clubs and organisations which use the Aquadrome."

Three Rivers Radio Yachting Club is open to anyone who is interested in sailing (learner or experienced). Radio sailing is just like big boat sailing - only warmer, more convenient, less hard work and a whole lot less expensive. If you like sailing but can no longer manage full size boats, then radio yachting is for you. The club organises races on Fridays and Sundays, with a ‘fun’ session on Wednesday mornings.  Please contact us via the website and we will be very happy to introduce you the delights of radio yachting. We always have boats that can be loaned for trial periods.