It’s only rubbish if you throw it away!

08th July 2010

Three Rivers District Council is appealing to residents to help the environment and save money too, by ensuring that furniture and electrical equipment is reused instead of being thrown away. One person’s junk is another person’s must have!

Reusing items instead of throwing them away reduces the amount of waste we produce and send to landfill.  This reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves landfill space which saves money in taxes, and conserves the energy and resources needed to make new products.  Furniture and electrical equipment in particular are among the things we throw away most in the UK.

Councillor Phil Brading, Cabinet Member for Public Services and Health, says:
'A lot of perfectly good stuff is thrown out simply because it’s being replaced by something newer. We’re asking people to stop and think before they put it in their bin or take it to a household waste site.

There is always a ready market for second hand goods, especially in the present economic climate, so offering unwanted items for sale makes good sense and can put extra money in your pocket as well as helping others.'

Items can also be donated to charity shops, jumble sales etc. or just passed on to other people. Giving away second hand items in this way can be of great benefit to others in your local community including charities, community groups and schools.

Whether you’re selling your unwanted items or giving them away, it’s important to remember they must be in good condition. Electrical items must also be in working order and safe to use.

If you have an item that cannot be reused, please be sure to recycle it wherever possible.  Three Rivers residents are well served by excellent Household Waste Recycling Centres located at Riverside Drive, Rickmansworth, Waterdale (off the A405) at Garston and Wiggenhall Road, West Watford. Visit for more details

Donating your items:

  • Charity shops – to find your nearest, visit (always check with charity shops first – many are unable to take furniture and cannot accept electrical goods)
  • Furniture reuse organisations – To find your nearest, visit
  • Exchange websites – such as
  • Community / local council exchange events
  • Advertise in your local newspaper or shop window

Selling your items:

  • Car boot sales / flea markets
  • Internet auction sites
  • Advertise in your local newspaper or shop window