Hardened verges created to meet parking demand

Press ReleaseUpdated: 26 July 2023Parking
Cllr Paul Rainbow in South Oxhey standing next to cars parked on the verge hardened bays

Enhanced parking opportunities have been created in Three Rivers to meet demand while preserving green verges.

Two new areas of off-street hardened verges creating 18 parking spaces have been delivered by Three Rivers District Council in Ballater Close and Birstall Green, South Oxhey to meet parking demand.

Hardening grassed verges on land owned by the council not only creates parking opportunities in areas of existing high demand but also protects the grass verges by retaining as much grass as possible by installing ‘grasscrete’ concrete on the surface to protect the ground from parked vehicles while also letting water drain directly into the ground.

These schemes were delivered as part of the council’s Verge Hardening Programme, which specifically addresses parking on verges under council control where there is parking demand and reported on-street parking behaviours are causing difficulty for pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists.

Cllr Paul Rainbow, Lead Member for Transport, said: “As a council, we are committed to making our district the best it can be, a great place to live, work and visit. So, I am delighted that these new parking bays will now ease parking pressures in the two areas, while also visually enhancing the street scene and improve cycle and pedestrian access.

“Grass verges are usually damaged by people parking their vehicles on top, which churns the ground up. I am delighted the council has protected our precious greenery while meeting parking demand for our residents.”

CAPTION: Cllr Paul Rainbow standing in the hardened verges parking area in South Oxhey