Get your air pollution alerts with airText

08th October 2015

Three Rivers District Council have launched the airText service within the district. This is a free air pollution forecasting and alert system for Greater London and neighbouring Councils.

The health effects of air pollution are significant. Elevated levels of pollution and/or long term exposure can lead to serious symptoms and conditions affecting human health even for those who do not suffer from pre-existing medical conditions. The service can help at-risk individuals to make informed health decisions and assist them in planning for the day ahead to ensure they have any necessary medication at hand.

airtext-logo.jpgairText is a service that allows users to access air pollution, UV, pollen and temperature forecasts. Users can receive daily alerts by SMS, email or voicemail. In addition forecasts for the next three days can be accessed via the website, using the free airText smart phone app or by following the Twitter account airtext_3RIVERS.

Councillor Sara Bedford, Lead Member for Health stated ”This free service will provide residents with localised information about peak periods of air pollution both within Three Rivers and whilst travelling within the Greater London area. This will allow people, especially those with chronic health conditions, to be prepared for their day, so if necessary they can take action to reduce their exposure.”