Flooding update

Updated: 13 February 2014

The Council has strongly criticised petty thieves who have been pilfering sandbags along river banks...

The Council has strongly criticised petty thieves who have been pilfering sandbags along river banks in the district. The message from Chief Executive, Steven Halls, appears in the Council’s latest Service News email bulletin to residents.

Steven Halls said:

"My sympathies are with the small number of householders who have been directly affected and we are fortunate that so far the impact of the floods has been relatively minor compared to other parts of the country.

"Routine maintenance of our riverbanks includes the temporary use of sandbags to bolster areas of erosion. While these sandbags in themselves would not prevent a major flood, they do help to alleviate the impact of flooding. Residents with any information about this irresponsible crime should contact the Police or the District Council in confidence."

The District Council has provided 3,000 sandbags to help in the flooding and is considering selling bags to private residents in the future to make protecting homes easier. Any profits would be used to help provide frontline services. Providing sandbags to private residents is not the responsibility of District or Parish Councils but Three Rivers has been providing help in exceptional circumstances.

Steven Halls added:

"District Council officers and councillors have worked hard over the past week to alleviate the limited but serious flooding in the area and in Park Road in particular. I would also like to thank the emergency services and in particular the Fire and Rescue team for their sterling work in clearing Park Road and other flood areas.

"I must remind residents, however, of their responsibility to plan ahead and protect their homes. We are looking at how we may help with sandbag provision in the future, but it is essential that we all, as private residents, plan ahead. As always, please look out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours and information, advice and updates are available from the Council and other national and local agencies."