Swap your festive clothes at Watersmeet Christmas Market

NewsUpdated: 31 October 2023Community and living

'Tis the season to be sustainable - so why don’t you come along to the Christmas Market at Watersmeet in Rickmansworth to swap your festive clothes.

Next month’s event will have a festive theme, so please bring along Christmas party dresses, festive jumpers and costumes, and winter clothing at the Watersmeet Christmas Market on Sunday 26 November.

The event, which was organised by Three Rivers District Council, gives people the opportunity to clear out some of those once-loved items they no longer need and freshen up their wardrobes.

Those wishing to take part in the clothes swap should bring their clothes between 10:30am – 12:30pm and return for the swap between 2pm – 3pm. Please bring no more than 10 items and ensure they are in good condition and clean – clothes for all ages are welcome.

Upon dropping off your items, your name will be taken, and the number of items will be noted, when you return for the swap, you may take as many items as you brought.

Any clothes not taken on the day will be donated to local charities needing clothing.

Three Rivers District Council Leader, Cllr Sarah Nelmes, said: “The textiles industry has a significant impact on our environment, accounting for 10% of global emissions as well as using up precious resources and an extraordinary volume of water.

“Some reports suggest one-third of young adults purchase a new Christmas Jumper each year, leaving an incredible 65 million forgotten in our wardrobes, landfills, or being incinerated. This is a fantastic way to switch out your old festive clothes for a new look while minimising our impact.”