Enforcement of double yellow line parking rules strengthened

13th December 2022


The enforcement of parking and waiting restrictions including double yellow lines is to be strengthened across Three Rivers district.

In order to ensure the free movement of traffic in certain areas of the district, Civil Enforcement Officers, working for Three Rivers District Council, may instantly issue parking penalties for any vehicles observed parked on double yellow lines which are clearly not unloading or loading or on single yellow lines during restricted times. Even when a vehicle is loading or unloading, if it is causing a traffic flow issue and considered dangerous, then an instant ticket may be issued.

Previously Civil Enforcement Officers have given motorists a five-minute observation period, after which a penalty charge notice would be issued. Now an updated parking policy means parking penalty charge notices can be issued more swiftly.

The update to the council’s parking policy comes in response to concerns raised by a number of local residents and businesses. Read the full policy here.