Electric Umbrella Club Night - 10 March

Updated: 7 March 2016

Next Thursday, Electric Umbrella returns with their sell out Club Night and performance extravaganza at Watersmeet, Rickmansworth...

Next Thursday, Electric Umbrella returns with their sell out Club Night and performance extravaganza at Watersmeet Rickmansworth

From 6.30-10pm, hundreds of people living with learning disabilities will share a stage with professional musicians and create a little piece of magic for a few hours.

If you imagine a club where people dance like no-one is watching and sing like Stevie Wonder has taken hold of the mic then you’re close! It’s pure joy; it’s where art meets therapy in the most unique way; it’s where everyone is equal and the only sure thing at the end of the night is the ache in your jaw from the endless smiling!

Over the past 3 weeks in the build up to this exciting event Electric Umbrella have been hopping on and off their tour bus visiting local day centres and organisations providing a FREE gig to over 750 people.

This is an amazing opportunity for all 60 of our participants to showcase the wonderful music and joy they have to share ahead of our big show.

Additionally and importantly, it is also the chance for 750 people that are unlikely to have the opportunity to experience live music of this kind, to experience the joy of Electric Umbrella.

This particular club night is extra special as it gives everyone involved in this amazing organisation the chance to celebrate its new charity status. Electric Umbrella is a music organisation for learning disabled adults and offers a safe, democratic environment where some of the most disadvantaged in society can express themselves, form friendships, develop confidence, have fun and be just like everyone else for a couple of hours a week Opportunities that just don’t normally exist are provided and the end result is something really special.

“I’ve been a professional musician all my life and have had the pleasure of performing in stadiums across the world, but nothing comes close to the sheer joy of Electric Umbrella. The collaboration between our participants and the professional musicians we are lucky to have on board for these shows is just incredible. Our next challenge is to build the funding needed to grow as a charity and to continue these joyous experiences. Our session fees and free events are hugely subsidised by the donations we receive so we need your support now more than ever.” Tom Billington, Electric Umbrella Founder

All are welcome at this event, you don’t have to have a learning disability to attend, we’ll let you join in too! If you missed last year, then get your tickets now before we sell out- whoever you are and for whatever reason you’re coming, you won’t regret it.

Buy your tickets:

Watersmeet Box Office on 01923 711063
In person at one of our weekly sessions
The event is aimed at those over the age of 18 and alcohol will be on sale. Under 18s may purchase tickets to the event if accompanied by a responsible adult.
Electric Umbrella, Spread the joy!