Dog owner prosecuted and fined for multiple offences

Updated: 1 February 2017

A dog owner in Three Rivers was prosecuted for multiple offences and fined £1940...

A dog owner in Three Rivers was prosecuted for multiple offences at St Albans Magistrates’ Court last week (Wednesday 25 January 2017). The dog had escaped on several occasions from the resident’s home address and been found wandering on the highway by members of the public.

It had twice been taken to a vets’ practice as it was unidentified.

The resident from Chorleywood, was successfully prosecuted for 6 offences. These  were one offence of failing to update the dog’s microchip details, four offences of permitting the dog to be on a highway or in a public place without  an identity disc attached to the dog’s collar and one offence of breach of a Community Protection Notice. That Notice had required that the dog not be allowed to escape from the keeper’s residence.

The dog’s keeper pleaded guilty to the offences and received a £200 fine for each of the offences (£1200 in total), was ordered to £710 for the Council’s costs and £30 for the victim surcharge. Overall, the total amount to pay was £1940 in 7 days.

The defendant appeared before a bench of three magistrates and the chairman said on sentencing “Numerous offences such as these have a cumulative effect on the community. You do not seem to have appreciated the disruption and a danger to the community. Despite visits from the animal enforcement officer your offending continued. You should appreciate that those cumulative offences could have led to a term of imprisonment.”

Phil Brading, Lead Member for Public Services, said “This result sends a clear message to all dog owners to ensure their microchip details are kept up to date and that they have a disc or plate attached to their dog’s collar. The Council is committed to promoting responsible dog ownership and will take formal action where appropriate”

Information on microchipping and dog control can be found at .