WATCH: Diabetes Awareness Webinar

NewsUpdated: 20 September 2023Community and living

A webinar that aimed to spread awareness of diabetes and to help reduce stigma surrounding diabetes took place on Wednesday 13 September.

Three Rivers District Council and the Watford African Caribbean Association organised a free online webinar that looked to address diabetes prevention and management in the area. The speakers on the topic were Dr Asif Faizy (GP Partner at Vine House Health Centre) and Salma Mehar (Consultant Dietician & Co Author of Carbs & Cals: World Foods).

The Webinar looked to tackle many of the points raised by discussing the basics of diabetes, including the different types and mechanisms.

The prevention of diabetes was one of our key objectives of the session, by highlighting key lifestyle changes that could be made or promoting programmes that set out to guide patients we hope to encourage attendees to reduce their blood sugar readings from pre-diabetic to normal.

Additionally, the webinar looked into methods to prevent diabetes through nutritional advice. This focused on culturally adapted recommendations to meet the needs of different communities.