Dance for Parkinson’s Open event

Health professionals and dance-for-parkinsons-3-.jpgcouncillors were among those that took park in last Thursday’s open Dance for Parkinson’s class at William Penn Leisure Centre.

The event was hosted by Three Rivers District Council’s Leisure Development team who organised the event to showcase the undoubted benefits participants receive from this programme and to encourage others to join this class.

Parkinson’s Disease significantly affects those who have it through tremors, rigidity and slowness of movement. Neurology specialists advocate regular exercise for people with Parkinson’s. Dance for Parkinson’s was devised in the USA to improve balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and spatial awareness, as well as improving motor and cognitive functions.


Val Kleanthous who pioneered the development of the class run in Three Rivers, says, “We who are unfortunate enough to have Parkinson’s Disease are reminded many times a day in ways both visible and invisible of the profound effect it can have on our wellbeing, but when we dance we can find relief for a while as we move to the music and our tired minds and bodies relax.”

Penny Kustow, a regular attendee of the class says, “I have been fortunate enough to have benefited from the wonderful Dance for Parkinson's classes, which Three Rivers started in 2016. I had been searching for a local class after learning about this specialist technique for helping people with Parkinson's. All of us who attend have bonded through the shared experience of Parkinson's, but also because we are made to feel better whilst achieving physical challenges we never thought we were able to do. Many Parkinson's patients have poor balance and fall frequently and keeps our brains working through concentration on the dance moves - Parkinson's slows down thought processes. A Dance for Parkinson's session actually gives us a buzz, making us all feel more positive and better about facing the many challenges Parkinson's throws at each of us every day. Thank you Three Rivers and Julia Pearce, our inspirational teacher”.

If you are interested in joining the class, then simply turn up at William Penn Leisure Centre every Thursday between 12.30pm – 1.30pm or telephone 01923 776611.