Croxley Green goes greener

10th September 2010

Residents of Croxley Green are about to be introduced to different ways of travelling locally in an effort to cut car use across the town.

More than two-thirds of trips in the county of Hertfordshire are currently made by car and more than half of journeys are less than five miles, a distance easily walked or cycled by most people.

Sustrans - the charity that encourages walking, cycling and public transport use - and its partners Socialdata will be visiting more than 2,500 houses in Croxley Green from Monday 20 September as part of a project called TravelSmart.

They will give out tailor-made information including details of local bus routes, train services, and walking or cycling paths.  Similar work elsewhere in England has resulted in a reduction in car trips of 10 per cent or more.

Lucy Kingsbury, Sustrans project officer leading the work in Croxley Green, has recently led a similar project in Broxbourne.  She said:  ‘With the right information about alternative ways to travel, we know that many people are willing to leave their cars behind, and will feel all kinds of benefits as a result.

‘It is cheaper, healthier and very often quicker to walk or cycle for short journeys, not to mention helping to reduce congestion and cut carbon emissions from transport.  But often people are unaware of the walking and cycling routes they could use, or the bus and train services available to them.  That’s where our work comes in.

‘We’ve had great results with this project in other towns and cities across the country, and look forward to similar success here in Croxley Green.’

The project in Croxley Green has been funded by Big Lottery Fund’s Well-being Programme and supported by Hertfordshire County Council, Three Rivers District Council and other partners.