Funding gives vital support to families

20th March 2021


Grants awarded by Three Rivers District Council are giving vital support to struggling families affected by the Covid pandemic. 

Local primary schools and community groups were awarded grants totalling £8,000 by the council thanks to government funding. A further £2,000 was awarded to provide essential items for the homeless.

The extra funding is helping support more than 200 struggling families with food parcels and utility payments. 

Jenny Morley, Executive Headteacher of Warren Dell and Oxhey Wood Primary Schools, said: “The grant has provided much needed support for some of our families who otherwise were struggling or going without to make sure their children had what they needed in terms of food and heating. It showed them we care.”

Volunteer group Moor Park and Eastbury Neighbours Together said it had used the grant to support families from Colnbrooke School special school in Hertfordshire, which caters for pupils with learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders and speech and language difficulties. 

Cllr Sarah Nelmes, Leader of Three Rivers District Council, added: “We’ve been working closely with schools, to help us identify and support families in need. In many cases they are households which previously were just about managing financially, but because of a reduction in income or redundancy due to the pandemic has meant they desperately need support.”