Council Extends Dogs Public Spaces Protection Order

Three Rivers District Council agreed to extend the Public Spaces Protection Order already in place for dog control, for a further three years, at its meeting on 26 February. 

The report received by the Council detailed the consultation findings that highlighted that: 

  • 97% of respondents agreed that failing to remove dog faeces should remain an offence;
  • 80% of respondents agreed that allowing a dog to enter a child play area, sport court, outdoor gym, skate area or fenced off picnic area should remain an offence;
  • 59% of respondents agreed that allowing a dog to enter land used for grazing animals in Chorleywood House Groups should remain an offence;
  • 72% of respondents agreed that being in charge of more than four dogs in a public place should remain an offence;
  • 93% of respondents agreed that failing to put a dog on a lead I directed to do so by an authorised officer should remain an offence; and
  • 67% of respondents agreed that failing to keep a dog on a lead in the area directly surrounding the Café in the Aquadrome should remain an offence.

The extension starts from 1 April 2019 for a period of three years, the maximum amount of time a Council can agree a Public Spaces Protection Order before it has to review it again formally.

1,235 people took part in the online consultation. 

Cllr Roger Seabourne, Lead Member for Community Safety, said: “This public consultation shows the overwhelming support for the Council to continue with this Public Spaces Protection Order for Dog Control. Three Rivers was one of the first councils in the country to make use of our PSPO powers for this reason, and we are one of the first to renew.”