Council considers South Oxhey plan

Kevin Snow04th October 2013

The District Council has announced that, following discussions with developers over the South Oxhey Initiative and after taking advice from Deloitte Real Estate, they have decided to review the South Oxhey Initiative development plan while pressing ahead with preliminary work.

The Council is considering making a planning application for the development at the beginning of 2014 while it goes through a new process of appointing a development partner.

Three Rivers' head of major projects, Alan Head, said:

"The review will provide residents, tenants and users of the facilities in the central precinct area, greater certainty of the development timescale and clarity on the actual impact the proposals will have on them.

"We believe we can do better for South Oxhey than the deal that was being offered by Catalyst. The precinct is really the heart of South Oxhey and the new facilities will have to last for 60 years or more.

"It is much better to spend time now in carefully appointing the right developer and having a better precinct that provides better quality services and value for money for local tax payers in the long term.

"We expect an outline planning application for the precinct to be made in early 2014 which will include consultation with residents. A development partner will be appointed later in 2014."    

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