Voters are reminded of postal vote changes

NewsUpdated: 19 April 2024Elections and democracy

Ensure your vote counts as voters are reminded of changes to the way postal votes are handled.

Three Rivers residents will soon have their say on who represents them on the district council on 2 May. Electors across the county will also be electing the next Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner on the same day.

Residents are reminded to read the instructions carefully contained within their postal vote pack when it arrives at their doorstep to ensure their vote counts. All postal votes must be returned by 10pm on 2 May 2024 for counting.

However, changes to the rules mean that if anyone cannot send their postal ballot in time, they can hand in their postal vote – and the postal votes of up to five people - at their local polling station. Campaigners can only hand in their own postal vote, and postal votes for up to five other people that are either close relatives, or someone they provide regular care for.

Any postal vote handed in at a polling station must now be formally recorded on a postal vote return form, or the vote will be rejected.

This also means that postal votes cannot be posted through the district council’s postal letter box or hand delivered to council staff without completing a postal vote return form. Failure to do so will result in the vote being rejected.

The deadline to apply for a postal vote was 5pm on 17 April. Voters who missed that deadline can apply for a proxy vote by 5pm on 24 April.

Joanne Wagstaffe, Electoral Registration Officer for Three Rivers District Council, said: “Please read the instructions carefully when your postal vote arrives to ensure your say counts at the local election next month.

“If you cannot vote in person at your local polling station, please allow sufficient time to post your ballot to ensure your vote is counted in time. The easiest way to return your vote is by using the Royal Mail pre-paid envelope in your pack.

“I would also like to remind residents who are planning to vote at their local polling station that they are legally required to bring photo ID with them. This can include a passport, driving licence (including provisional licence), blue badge and certain national identity cards.”