Boardwalk Benefits the Beds

04th July 2007

The Withey Beds Local Nature Reserve provides a fantastic local walking area, now augmented by the addition of a brand new boardwalk to one part, as the majority of that section is underwater for the greater part of the year. Completed in June, the boardwalk provides walkers with the ability to go on a circular route around the Withey Beds, without having to turn back on themselves. This provides them with a more satisfying trip and the chance to see the Withey Beds without interruption, especially as the new boardwalk is wide enough for two people to walk side by side comfortably.

All funding came from Three Rivers District Council, who declared the Withey Beds a Local Nature Reserve in 2003 after it was compulsorily purchased from the previous owners who were not appropriately managing the site. The Withey Beds Local Nature Reserve is one of six District Council owned Local Nature Reserves which are all managed for people and wildlife, conserving the environment whilst providing residents of the District with a pleasant and relaxing place to go and unwind or just to enjoy the local nature.

Chris Pearson, from Friends of the Withey Beds said:

'We think the council has done a tremendous job to make the Withey Beds a great local amenity. The new boardwalk will be greatly appreciated by all those who take the time to enjoy the beautiful wildlife of the Nature Reserve, especially thanks to the boardwalk being circular, opening up the Reserve to the general public. On behalf of the Withey Beds, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the council in their generosity for such a great gift to the reserve'.

Walks in the reserve are absolutely free and can be enjoyed any time.

For more information on Three Rivers District Council's Local Nature Reserves, including the Withey Beds, please telephone Kay Fitzgerald on 01923 727 105.