Bedmond - dogs under orders

Updated: 13 April 2011

A Watford Magistrate has issued control orders on two German Shepherd dogs after they worried sheep...

A Watford Magistrate has issued control orders on two German Shepherd dogs after they worried sheep in the Bedmond area. We had applied for the orders after the dogs and their owners were identified by the owner of the sheep.

The announcement has been made today after we received the orders which were decided by the Court on 21 March.

The Court agreed the dogs were dangerous and not kept under control. The Court awarded the Council a total of £1,090 costs which were ordered to be paid by their respective owners Mr Andrew Aston and Ms Debbie Philbin in seven days.

Three Rivers' animal control officer Debbie Sandling said:

"To protect animals we will take action against any dog which is out of control if owners fail to listen to advice."

The action follows previous warnings issued by us earlier this year.  Farmers are entitled to shoot dogs if they find them worrying their sheep.