Leafy Three Rivers – a year of tree planting across the district

Press ReleaseUpdated: 28 February 2024Trees and Landscapes

More than 250 trees have been planted across Three Rivers over the past year through a number of schemes as part of an ongoing effort to maintain and boost tree cover across the district.

In 2023 Three Rivers District Council planted new woodlands and hedgerows at Cheshire Drive, Leavesden and Barton Way Playing Fields, Croxley Green. A range of native tree species, including dogwood, hazel, silver birch, field maple and holly were planted.

At Cheshire Drive, council officers were assisted by the Countryside Management Service’s volunteer team, who made quick progress on the woodland creation and hedge planting.

Across the district, larger standard trees were planted in new locations highlighted in the council’s Biodiversity Opportunities Audit or to replace trees that have had to be felled.

The council’s Lead Member for Sustainability and Climate, Cllr Jon Tankard, said: “Investing in our district’s green infrastructure could not be a higher priority for me. Planting trees has so many benefits to our world, from reducing flood risk and soil erosion; providing habitats for wildlife; offering shade in our towns and villages; as well as being a key natural method of taking up and storing carbon dioxide and removing pollutants from the air we breathe. Trees are a vital part of our strategy to tackle the climate crisis.”

In addition to trees planted on council open space, more than 7,000 trees were requested by Three Rivers residents as part of Your Tree Our Future – Hertfordshire County Council’s Free Tree Giveaway. In December 2023 residents collected their free trees to plant in their gardens.

If you would like to be notified when the order window for the 2024 free tree giveaway opens please use this link: https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/services/recycling-waste-and-environment/countryside-management/news-and-campaigns/tree-giveaway.aspx