'A sense of achievement': Local woman explains why she volunteers

Press ReleaseUpdated: 7 June 2023Community and living
Liz Winstanley, volunteer at Peace Hospice Care

A Three Rivers volunteer speaks out on why volunteering gives her a sense of achievement and why she became involved.

Liz Winstanley (pictured) has been volunteering as a Compassionate Neighbour with Peace Hospice Care since December 2022 and supports the compassionate café at South Oxhey Healthy Hub.

The Compassionate Café takes place every other month and gives people who are isolated or have experienced any kind of loss a chance to come together to meet other people and have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Liz experienced loss after her husband, David, who was cared for by Peace Hospice Care in the last few days of his life, sadly died in March 2021.

She was grateful for the care she and her husband received and feels that volunteering at the hospice is her way of saying thank you.

Since volunteering, Liz said it has given her a sense of achievement, adding: “I’ve been really happy since starting the volunteering and it’s made a huge difference to my life. I love giving back to Peace Hospice and my local community, and I love that I am meeting lots of new people.”

She also said: “The Compassionate Café is really needed in South Oxhey because there are a lot of lonely and bereaved people in this area. It’s nice to get them all in one place because then they can meet other people in the same position.”

As well as volunteering at the café, Liz is also a Compassionate Neighbour for Peace Hospice Care. This involved talking to members of the community who feel isolated once per week to check how they are and have a good old chat either over the phone or by meeting at a local café.

She also volunteers at the Peace Hospice Inpatient Unit and talks to patients who don’t have regular visits from friends or relatives.

As it is Volunteers Week, it is a time to celebrate volunteers in Three Rivers and the amazing work that they do. With that in mind, Liz has urged people who are thinking of volunteering to please do so.

She said: “If you have the time, volunteering makes you feel really good. It gives you an achievement and it makes other people feel welcomed too. It’s a good thing to be doing and it gives back to the community.”

The Compassionate Café is running at the Three Rivers Healthy Hub on Thursday 22nd June 12pm-2pm at Oxhey Library providing a space for residents who have been affected by any type of loss and would like to come along for a friendly chat and a chance to meet others over a cup of tea.

There is no need to book, so please just come along. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Community Engagement team at compassion@peacehospicecare.org.uk, or on 01923 330 330.

Residents inspired by Liz’s story and looking to volunteer with the Peace Hospice as a Compassionate Neighbour can visit here