Proposed parking management schemes in Three Rivers District

New parking controls

If you would like to request new parking controls such as permit bays and yellow lines to promote parking for local residents and businesses, please contact the District Council in writing or email to explain the problem and make a request. You will need to provide your name and address to validate your request.

You can find more details on new parking controls that the District Council can introduce (including Controlled Parking Zones) on our parking schemes information page.

View current statutory notices of proposed or new traffic orders.

Find details of parking improvement schemes that we have recently introduced.

Public consultation on proposed parking schemes

Three Rivers District Council is currently consulting people in local towns to find out what they think about parking in their area.

Croxley Green area-wide review

The District Council carried out a parking consultation in roads around Croxley Green in 2017 as part of an ongoing parking study in the area. This showed that residents in a large number of streets feel that there is a need for new parking controls. You can see the proposed scheme area, list of streets and results of consultation below.

The development of a proposed scheme

The District Council published draft initial proposals in the Autumn of 2018, shown in the indicative plans that you can download from the links below. The area where where the new parking scheme is proposed includes the streets where respondents confirmed that there was a parking problem and indicated that they would support new parking controls of some kind.  These proposals were developed from analysis of the responses provided at the initial consultation. The District council sought the views of local residents and businesses on the proposals, as well as the general public, through this second stage of informal consultation.

The outcome of this consultation is currently being analysed to enable the development of final proposals which will be taken through to statutory consultations. For further details of the implications of parking permit schemes, please visit our New Parking Schemes information page.

Proposed scheme area and plans

The full results of the initial consultation carried out in 2017 in the streets across Croxley Green can be viewed here. The proposed scheme area is being revised following the recent consultation. This consultation included every address in the following streets and you can see a plan of this scheme area here Scheme boundary plan (pdf). If a final scheme is proposed, it is very unlikely that it would include any roads where surveys indicate that residents did not report a parking problem or where there was no majority in support of new controls.

  • Frankland Road
  • The Crescent
  • Hazelwood Road
  • Yorke Road
  • Gonville Road
  • Fuller Way
  • Cherwell Close
  • New Road
  • Dulwich Way
  • Watford Road (part)
  • Dorrofield Close
  • Beechcroft Avenue
  • Harvey Road
  • Repton Way (part)
  • Oakleigh Drive
  • Dickinson Square
  • Dickinson Avenue


 Parsonage Close proposed parking scheme, Abbots Langley

The District Council carried out surveys seeking views on a proposed design to address current parking problems in Parsonage Close and the eastern part of Abbots Road in the Spring of 2018.

The responses are currently being analysed before a final proposal is published. A scheme was proposed to operate during weekday afternoons (between 2pm and 4pm) to improve free flow of traffic, safety and better access for people walking to school. Proposals included:

  • Permit parking bays in Parsonage Close and the whole length of Abbots Road, to its junction with the other arm of Abbots Road, operational between 2pm and 4pm.
  • Single yellow lines that will be in force at the same times as the permit bays
  • Double yellow lines around junctions, which prohibit parking at any time. 

For further details of the implications of parking permit schemes, please visit our general information page.

Rickmansworth West area-wide review

The District Council has carried out surveys to find out what parking problems are currently happening in roads in the western area of Rickmansworth. This area includes the streets between Church Lane/Shepherds Lane and Money Hill Road, and from Uxbridge Road northward to Tudor Way, as shown on this map: Map of Rickmansworth West consultation area

The survey results have been reported to local District Councillors and a new consultation area has been identified from the responses we received.

This area will be the subject of a second stage of public consultation in the Summer 2019 to establish the streets in which there is clear support for new parking controls.

For further details of the implications of parking permit schemes, please visit our general information page.

Various minor parking improvements

The District Council is carrying out surveys seeking views on proposed designs to address current parking problems in roads around the District including:

  • Arundel Road, Leavesden
  • Garden Road and Breakspeare Road, Abbots Langley
  • Heronsgate Road, Chorleywood
  • Roman Gardens, Kings Langley
  • Silk Mill Road, Oxhey
  • Water Lane, Kings Langley

If you would like more information, please contact the District Council in writing or email