Parking consultations

New requests for parking controls

If you would like to request new parking controls such as permit bays and yellow lines to promote parking for local residents and businesses, please contact the District Council in writing or email to explain the problem and make a request. You will need to provide your name and address to validate your request.

You can find more details on new parking controls that the district council can introduce (including Controlled Parking Zones) on our parking schemes information page.

View current statutory notices of proposed or new traffic orders.

Find details of parking improvement schemes that we have recently introduced.

Public consultation on proposed parking schemes

Three Rivers District Council is currently developing proposals for new parking control schemes in these areas:

Rickmansworth West area-wide review (16-2)

Permit parking proposals for local employees in Rickmansworth and Chorleywood (17-5)

Croxley Green area-wide review (15-4)

Parsonage Close, Abbots Langley (16-1-3)

High Elms Lane, Garston - Proposed Parking and Access Improvements (14-5)

Ebury Road, Rickmansworth - Proposed improvements to parking places

Rickmansworth West area-wide review

We are currently finalising the detailed design plans ahead of a final consultation on the proposed details. Following discussions with local ward councillors, the timescales for this scheme to be progressed have been deferred due to the current circumstances and a decision has been taken not to publish the next stage of consultation until later in 2021. 

A second consultation took place in 2019, seeking the views of local residents and businesses, as well as the general public, on proposed plans to introduce a new permit parking scheme in western Rickmansworth and part of Mill End. This will show where there is strong support for a permit parking scheme and the hours it should operate.

The area where the new parking scheme is proposed includes the streets where respondents to a previous consultation confirmed that there was a parking problem and indicated that they would support new parking controls of some kind. The proposed scheme area (highlighted in blue) and list of streets can be seen below:

Rickmansworth West Stage 2 Constultation Boundary 

  • Berry Lane
  • Church Lane
  • Clarkfield
  • Dellwood
  • Elm Way
  • Field Way
  • Highfield Way
  • Mead Place
  • Mount View
  • Park Way
  • Shepherds Way
  • St Peters Close
  • The Close
  • The Highlands
  • Uxbridge Road
  • West Way

You can view the proposed indicative plans here.

What is proposed and how would it work?

The proposal would be expected to improve parking in the area by prioritising on-street parking for local people by restricting parking to vehicles displaying a permit. This would promote easier, safer parking for residents, local employees, shoppers and visitors.

It would improve the local environment for everyone, including for people who do not drive but who are affected by parking, for example where it obstructs footways or blocks sightlines making it harder to cross the road.

As you will see on the proposed plan, every road in the scheme area would be subject to parking controls during the same hours. This means that anyone needing to park at that time would need a permit, or to pay-and-display. Permits would be available to people at local residential addresses and a variety of other permits would allow other people who need to park locally.

You can find ot what a Permit Parking Zone looks like on our New Parking Schemes information page and find more details of how permit parking works to make parking easier for local people here Permit Parking Measures - Frequent Questions.

Next stage

A detailed design is being prepared, based on the feedback from surveys in 2019. Following discussions with local ward councillors, the timescales for this scheme to be progressed have been deferred due to the current circumstances and a decision has been taken not to publish the next stage of consultation until later in 2021, to give the public an opportunity to submit any final comments before a formal Traffic Order is proposed.

Permit parking proposals for local employees in Rickmansworth and Chorleywood

The District Council asked for views on the possible introduction of a new type of parking permit, available to people who are employed at addresses within existing Permit Parking Zones. This proposal has been placed on hold, awaiting further data collection, and is not currently being taken forward.

The proposal suggested that a limited number of permits available to be used in specific streets or parking places, where evidence suggested that there are parking bays that are not needed during the day. This capacity has been evidenced from a study including permit data, local surveys and testing of parking pressures in local roads. You can see the results of the study here: Options report. A consultation was carried out, to seek the views of local people to inform a final more detailed proposal, that may not include every street listed above. 

Croxley Green Area-wide Review

Following a series of consultations and a formal notice published last Autumn, the District Council will shortly introduce a Permit Parking Zone that operates for one hour during the day (from 12pm to 1pm) in the streets listed below.

Only vehicles with valid permits will be able to park in these streets during this time. This includes residents, their visitors and other people with a legitimate need to park near local addresses.

The Permit Parking Zone is planned to start operating from the 31 March 2021, subject to any changes in national guidance and legislation.

Details of the Order can be viewed on this page: Current Notices of Parking & Traffic Regulation Orders by Three Rivers District Council. These documents were also placed on deposit at the Council offices in Rickmansworth, but as the public cannot currently view these in person, copies may be requested by email from

What is proposed?

You can view the detailed plans here. This Permit Parking Zone will cover all the public roads shown within the Zone boundary which is shown on this plan.

This will help people at local addresses to find parking spaces more easily during the day, by making it unlawful for people who do not have a permit to park in local roads during the Zone hour (preventing all-day parking by non-residents, for example).

Permits will be required to park in parking bays only for one hour, from 12pm to 1pm when the Zone operates. Parking in bays at any other  time will not be controlled. 

Streets included in the proposed Permit Parking Zone:

  • Watford Road (part)
  • Gonville Avenue
  • The Crescent
  • Hazelwood Road
  • New Road (part)


  • Beechcroft Avenue
  • Dickinson Square
  • Dorrofield Close

This scheme is proposed in response to requests we received from the public and was developed using feedback from three informal stages of consultation. Comments from residents, local groups and businesses and key stakeholders including the local Parish Council were used to shape the draft detailed design plans for the proposed parking scheme, to make the final scheme work as well as possible for local people and visitors, as well as the general public.

Permits will be available in a similar way to the existing Parking Zone in Winton Drive (2 permits per household) with special permits for residents' visitors and other people like carers and Health visitors.

For further details of the implications of parking permit schemes, please view our Permit Parking Measures - Frequent Questions or visit our New Parking Schemes information page.

How has this scheme developed?

The District Council carried out a series of consultation exercises to discover and confirm the views of local residents, businesses and the public, in order to produce a new parking scheme solving numerous current problems in parts of Croxley Green. The proposals have been shaped by feedback from extensive consultation.

The first consultation included every road in the village and showed that people in a number of roads felt there was a parking problem and wanted new parking restrictions to address this. This consultation followed complaints received from people in many roads who reported parking difficulties that were often said to be due to parking by non-residents in residential streets.

A preliminary design proposing a permit parking zone was publicised in 2018 and a further survey attracted many useful comments and views about local parking conditions, as well as confirming the level of public support. The results of the earlier consultation can be seen here, at Item 6 of the relevant committee meeting.

Following this committee meeting to determine which streets would be included, the outcomes of this survey led to publication of a draft detailed design in July 2019. This generated further public comments and suggestions that have been fed into the design process, to produce a locally-informed solution to existing parking problems.

Frankland Road (eastern end)

In January 2020, the District Council re-surveyed Frankland Road (eastern part) following the receipt of a petition in September 2019 and on the basis of a clear majority in that area (23 addresses in support of a permit parking scheme, with 28 addresses not in support), has determined not to include Frankland Road with the currently proposed scheme, so no new road markings will be introduced there.

Although there will be no new markings on the road, a small number of addresses at the eastern end, including those in Nuttfield Close, are proposed to be eligible for permits to park in the zone.

Dickinson Square and Dickinson Avenue

Following further surveys early in 2020, a decision was taken in July to include Dickinson Square but exclude Dickinson Avenue from the scheme.

The further surveys indicated that in Dickinson Avenue, most respondents did not want the street to be included (68% of total responses, with 23% wanting it to be included). In Dickinson Square, most people (54%) preferred the street to be included in the scheme (40% preferring it to be excluded).

These additional surveys were carried out to ensure that the Council took a robust decision, because the clear majority of people in each street had expressed different views at each stage of consultation and involving three petitions.

The decision to include or exclude streets was particularly challenging because both roads include sections where parking needs differ within the street, which resulted in inconsistent feedback overall. It is not however practical to treat different parts of the street in different ways.

Local Ward Councillors have asked for further detail of the responses to be published, as follows:

Survey forms were sent to 57 households and 35 responses were received giving an overall response rate of 61%.

19 (54% of total responses) selected ‘Yes’ on the survey form, confirming that they wish to be included in the proposed parking permit scheme.

14 (40% of total responses) selected ‘No’ on the survey form, confirming that they do not wish to be included in the proposed parking permit scheme.

1 (3% of total responses) returned the form with detailed comments but did not answer the survey question and appeared to be neutral.

1 (3% of total responses) completed the survey form but did not give their full address and were treated as anonymous.

A clear majority of respondents in the ‘straight’ section adjacent to Dickinson Avenue supported the proposals.

Next stage

Works start to introduce the scheme in February 2021 and the planned start date for the Permit Parking Zone is 31 March 2021.

Parsonage Close proposed parking scheme, Abbots Langley

The District Council carried out surveys seeking views on a proposed design to address current parking problems in Parsonage Close and the eastern part of Abbots Road in the Spring of 2018.

The relevant committee has now determined that no further scheme will be progressed in Parsonage Close and Abbots Road, except for:

  • Double yellow lines around the junction of Abbots Road (NE-SW arm) with Abbots Road (NW-SE arm) to a distance of ten metres in each direction (around two car-lengths) to protect visibility for people walking, cycling or driving around this junction;
  • Proposed double yellow lines in the Parsonage Close garage site and its access road, including the turning head at the western end of this road, to prohibit dangerous and obstructive parking and to make it easier and safer for drivers to turn around at the end of the road by keeping the turning head clear of parked vehicles.

You can view the proposed plan here. A formal Traffic Order will be advertised in late 2020.

Various minor parking improvements

The District Council is shortly to carry out surveys, to address current parking problems in roads in parts of Chorleywood. These include:

  • Quickley Lane
  • Chorleywood Bottom
  • Commongate Road

If you would like more information, please contact the District Council in writing or email

High Elms Lane, Garston - Proposed Parking and Access Improvements

The District Council has proposed a new parking control scheme on this busy road, where competing demands for parking and access to the large schools and other facilities have led to complex parking and loading problems.

The proposal, which can be viewed here, is intended to keep this road clear of parked vehicles, to provide as much safe and useful parking as possible and to make it easy for drivers to drop off and collect students from the schools (as well as providing short-stay parking during the day for visitors to the schools and Crematorium).

The current proposal would involve some physical reconstruction of the road to provide a small amount of all-day parking (11 bays), with 74 bays limited to 20 minutes waiting (before 9am and after 3pm). Between 9am and 3pm, 66 of these bays will be available for short-stay parking (up to 90 minutes) aimed at users of the Crematorium. There are currently only 44 bays where parking is safe and does not cause obstruction.

The District Council is currently considering the comments received during the recent consultation.

If you have any queries or other comments, please email stating the scheme reference number above.

What happens next?

All comments received will now be reviewed and taken into account prior to any decision on changes to the current parking arrangements. Any changes are contingent on approval from the local Highway Authority and are not expected to be introduced until at least 2020-21. All decisions on proposed parking schemes are taken by the District Council.