Consultation results

Budget Consultation 2020-21

The budget consultation for 2020-21 that was undertaken during January 2020. An online survey was conducted with responses from 693 residents. The report below shows the headline results of this survey.

Budget Survey Results Presentation 2020 (pdf)

Horses' Field Grazing Engagement

The response summary of the Horses' Field Grazing Engagement can be downloaded below.

Horses' Field - Grazing Engagement Response Summary (pdf)

Hertfordshire Omnibus Survey 2019-20

The latest results of the Hertfordshire Omnibus Survey are in.  The survey details the opinions of Three Rivers’ residents on matters such as satisfaction with the council and services provided and the neighbourhood they live in.   

Residents continue to be satisfied with the services provided by Three Rivers District Council, with 7 out of 10 (72%) satisfied with how well the council ‘runs things’ (3 points up on the previous year).  The Council’s key services, such as refuse collection continue to show high levels of satisfaction (84% - a 2 point rise on the previous year)

Parks and Open Spaces 

During 2017 a brand new set of on-line surveys were introduced by Three Rivers District Council, to monitor satisfaction and needs for Three Rivers’ parks: Aquadrome, Chorleywood House Estate, Leavesden Country Park and Oxhey Woods. These surveys are marketed on the Three Rivers District Council website, via social media, neighbourhood watch email group: ‘Owl’, ‘Friends of the park’ groups and Three Rivers Times. 

Feedback has been invaluable and encouraging. For the period 8 August to 14 December 2017, ratings of the design and appearance of the parks was high, with ‘good’ ratings as follows: Aquadrome (94%), Chorleywood House Estate (92%), Leavesden (92%) and Oxhey Woods (86%).

The Council has absorbed all the feedback for suggestions and improvements and will be incorporating this into their strategies. Of particular note were suggestions for more information signs for path routes and wildlife, more seasonal/group events and work on some of the paths. The Council thanks participants for their invaluable input to support the maintenance of beautiful, accessible parks.

The Council is continually reviewing the survey results, so to have your say, go to the Consultation page on or follow the links below:

Aquadrome:   Chorleywood House Estate:   Oxhey Woods:   Leavesden: