Local Strategic Partnership

The Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) was set up in 2002 to produce the Community Strategy for Three Rivers

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Local Strategic Partnership

The Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) produces the Community Strategy for Three Rivers District. It includes partner organisations and forums that work towards achieving the priorities for the district.

The LSP’s vision

The Local Strategic Partnership has a vision to improve the quality of life for the people of Three Rivers by working in partnership to create a better place for everyone, including neighbourhoods, health, employment and access to services. This is done by creating a Community Strategy and action plans to achieve the objectives outlined in the strategy.

The LSP Board

The LSP Board is made up of senior representatives from the following public, private and voluntary and community sector organisations based in and around the district:

The partnership works to LSP Terms of Reference (doc), which is agreed upon by all partners.

Meetings of the Board are held three times a year and are open to the public. If you have an issue you would like the LSP to consider, email enquiries@threerivers.gov.uk.

The Board meets at the same time as the Board of the Community Safety Partnership. Items discussed with the Community Safety Partnership Board may not be held in public due to the nature of sensitive data being reviewed on crime and disorder. If you attend a meeting of the LSP Board, you may be asked to leave when the Community Safety Board meeting begins. Details of the meetings of the Community Safety Board will not be published.

View LSP Board meetings minutes.