Council constitution

View Three Rivers District Council's constitution.

Our constitution sets out how we operate, how we make decisions and what procedures we follow to ensure we are efficient, transparent and accountable to everyone. The document is divided into 16 main articles that set out the basic rules governing our business. Further detail on our rules and procedures is provided at the end of the document.

You can download the constitution via the links below:

Contents page (PDF)

Summary and explanation (PDF)

Articles of the constitution (PDF)

Responsibility for functions (PDF)

Rules of procedure (PDF)

Codes and protocols (PDF)

Appendix – councillor code of conduct 

Members allowance scheme (PDF)

Management structure (PDF)

Appendices (PDF)

We collaborate with Watford Borough Council to provide certain services in the district. You can download a copy of our shared services agreement below:

Shared services agreement (DOC)

Shared services agreement - schedule 3 (DOC)

Shared services agreement - schedule 4 (DOC)